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Moving Medicine

The ultimate resource to help healthcare professionals integrate physical activity conversations into routine clinical care.

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Prescribing Movement

Our award-winning, step-by-step guide to physical activity conversations in clinical practice.


Our resources are based on evidence, and you can read and find out more in this section.

Active Hospitals

Find out more about creating a physical activity culture within hospitals our Active Hospitals resources here.

Moving more on a daily basis is a powerful intervention to prevent and treat many chronic physical and mental illnesses. The Moving Medicine platform supports the people who care for patients to hold “active” conversations – conversations based on the evidence around behaviour change that can take place within the moments of time available. It’s time we supported our communities to live healthier, active lives!

Dr Louise Tulloh FACSEP

Moving Medicine is the single most important advance in therapeutics in my 50 years in medicine. The benefit to harm ratio is outstandingly favourable and every drug or psychological prescription for a long-term condition should be partnered by a Moving Medicine prescription of activity.

Muir Gray Kt CBE DSc MD

Patient Information

Our patient information finder will take you directly to the disease specific physical activity advice you need.

Patient Information Finder

Activity Finder

Signpost this comprehensive activity finder to help your patients find suitable activities near them

Activity Finder

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